Outsourcing payroll and human resources functions

Outsource your payroll and HR functions

Manage your business, we will manage your payroll

Delegate ZRA and NAPSA inspections to professionals

No need for you to worry about meeting deadlines, struggling with online submissions, attending to statutory inspections. Delegate these functions to a professional team of accountants.

Outsourcing payroll and human resources functions save time and increase focus

ABACUS360 will ensure the payroll process is subjected to an internal audit

Increased payroll integrity since it is subjected to review

Economies of scale on software and infrastructure

Complete outsource of statutory inspections by ZRA, NAPSA, etc.

We highly recommend ABACUS360, they have supported us and helped get our all our systems in place. If you are looking for a company that can help you with all your accounting needs then ABACUS360 is the company for you.

Jay Horwood

Managing Director
Liege Africa (Zambia)

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