Audit and assurance services

Building trust with stakeholders

Shareholders, banks, customers, vendors want to know about your company's financial health. When a business is no longer owner-managed, company financial information is shared between various stakeholders. An audit can validate the integrity of your financial information.

Do your numbers stand up to scrutiny?

Compliance with accounting standards and generally accepted accounting principles is becoming increasingly complex. Misinterpretation of these accounting principles can impact stakeholder confidence and reduce your chances of success in expanding your business.

Our audit and assurance services team will certify your financial information.

Why have an audit?

More reliable financial information

Increased detection and prevention of fraud

Valuable business insights

Checks compliance with laws and tax requirements

We started using ABACUS360 for our accounting and business development needs when we first invested in Zambia some 7 years ago. Their advice both professional and personal has been invaluable in helping us grow our business into a sustainable entity and meet the various challenges always around the corner in Africa

Rick Schulz

Managing Director
Kaingu Safari Lodge

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