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ABACUS360 is always seeking experienced or non-experienced talent. Our recruitment methods are blind, and one has to perform aptitude and personality tests before we commence in discussions. Blind recruitment has helped us eliminate bias and provide a basis for equal opportunity employment.

Thandiwe Munenge - Manager, Tax & Accounting

Be part of something special—our people are fun, our work is fascinating and diverse, and our impact on Zambia is significant.

Our alumni have gone on to fantastic roles outside and within the consulting world. As long as we continue to be careful in recruitment, training, developing strong work ethics and demanding high performance, a career with ABACUS360 is of significant value.

The pre-requisites for working at ABACUS360 are a high moral compass, a sincere belief in fairness and high ambition. If this sounds like you, you are up to the challenge and you want to make meaningful change - contact us.

Life as an accountant

The majority of Zambian businesses are several months or years behind with their financial reporting. It isn't surprising, therefore, that several companies fail within a few years. How could you possibly succeed if you don't measure your performance?

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to ABACUS360 ensures that critical functions such as bank reconciliations, sales, payroll, withholding tax, and payroll taxes are reconciled periodically, under the supervision of a Staff Accountant. These controls increase your chances of success in business.

How to apply? 

I saw an advert by ABACUS360 inviting applications for a Trainee Tax Technician. The advert invited people with excellent academic performance and a desire to pursue an accounting qualification, beside other personal traits. I met the requirements, so I sent my application via email. After the application processing stage, my application was among those accepted for the next stage, an online aptitude test. I received an email with a link to the aptitude test. I took the test, which I believe I passed, and after a few days, I was invited for an interview. I was asked what mode of interview I preferred, a phone or face-to-face interview. I chose the latter. On the day of the interview, I arrived early (obviously), and was asked to wait in the ABACUS360 cafeteria. The place looked artistic! The time arrived for me to be interviewed, and I was invited into the company boardroom. My interview was conducted by two female members of ABACUS360, the General Manager and the Accounting Supervisor. They were truly welcoming people, and that made the rest of my interview flow in an amicable manner. To cut a long story short, after a few weeks, I received a phone call from the General Manager, informing me that I was hired to start as an Accounting Trainee.

Wellington – Associate

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